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Wick's Live Stock Nutrition

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About Wick's Livestock Nutrition

Wick’s Livestock Nutrition, LLC is a private business specializing in minerals, vitamins, apple cider vinegar and other nutrients custom-designed to enable free-range and pastured livestock to be radiantly healthy and productive without antibiotics, drugs or wormers. Wick’s is owned and operated by founder and formulator Mike Wichman of Atkinson, Nebraska. 

Wick’s is happy to offer direct farm delivery for all minerals and liquid apple cider vinegar. Contact us for the best shipping rates for destinations beyond the midwestern US. 

Wick’s Livestock offers on-farm consulting, custom-blending of livestock mineral formulations, TMR premixes and other custom products tailored for the individual farm or ranch. Apple Cider Vinegar may be ordered in 55 gallon barrels or 275 gallon totes. With all minerals, the best shipping rates can be attained by shipping by the pallet. All minerals are sealed in 50# plastic-lined bags.


Update: 1/22/2022**

On January 1st, 2022 Mike decided it was time to stay closer to home and enjoy retirement. Bill and James Eilerts of Stanton and Omaha, Nebraska have taken over operation of Wick’s Livestock Nutrition, LLC. They have had a strong working relationship with Mike going back 15+ years as both distributing and consulting for Mike. All of the great Wick’s products will still be available with the same great service and quality. 



Please fill out the “Contact” form below for any quotes or questions.

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