"I immediately went out and drenched Libby with cider vinegar and water mixed 1:1 using 20 ml per the recommended dosage in the article. The rest of that day Libby refused to eat or move.

The next morning I sent my husband out because I was convinced she would be dead from White Muscle Disease. When he came back in I asked him “Is she dead?” and he said very casually, “She looks fine.”" 

Read More - From "Cider Vinegar: A Cure for White Muscle Disease
A Flock Owner's Experience Using Cider Vinegar to Treat a Common Sheep Illness" by Laurie Ball-Gisch

Hi Michael, I just wanted to see what your mineral has done for my herd. Two pictures are of my black doe Fancy (well, I call her black but she was more red than black) a week after I started the herd on your Custom Natural. The next picture is of the same doe three weeks later. The results speak for themselves, I am so glad I found your mineral mix.

Tanya Farris Bulletcreek Nubians

Chris raises all the heifer calves for a large dairy. She gets the calves when they are 3 days old and raises them for 13 weeks and then they go back to the dairy. Chris called telling me that they were constantly battling all kinds of health issues and after trying different vaccination programs and nothing was working she needed some help. She started with one 55 gallon drum and after 24 hrs. she said she could already see a response, so she order 5 more drums. She said she feeds 1 oz. per feeding and the calves almost never get sick and if they do usually 1 shot and they are right back on track. At the end of 13 weeks the calves are now going back to the dairy 24 lbs. heavier than before using the ACV 

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with using the high-copper breeding mineral with my goats. I was using it during last breeding season and my percentage of twins is running at like 90% and I am seeing a few triplets in the bunch as well. MUCH better than previously on locally purchased "goat" mineral and also great because I'm not having to use two different minerals. I'm using the same mix for both cattle and goats and seeing great results.

 Thanks! Michael Koob


Jonathan bought a group of feeder pigs and they started dying for him, none of the usual protocol was working so they sent a couple of pigs off to the diagnostic lab for conformation on what was going on. In the meantime out of desperation they started these pigs on a high dose of ACV in the drinking water and after that he lost 1 more pig and he said within 5 days you would not know these were the same pigs, they had done a complete turnaround. When he got his lab results back they were diagnosed as having PRRS 

Stewart has been using the ACV from Wick’s Livestock Nutrition for several years and always had excellent results. The calf prices started dropping and Stewart found another brand of ACV that was $1.35 per gallon cheaper so he bought brand X. After a couple of months Stewart called and said he made a big mistake buying brand X, his calves broke with coccidiosis and had already lost 2. We shipped him the high quality ACV from Wicks and the problem stopped within a couple of days. 

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 "I have been using a hi-copper mineral mix for many years now from Wick’s Livestock Nutrition, along with many other large goat ranchers around the Midwest, here on my large Kiko goat ranch in Missouri. I have always had great luck with Mike Wichman’s mineral product." 

Read More - From "Apple Cider Works" in Goat Rancher Magazine - Somehow by Ron Polette

"Perhaps the biggest advocate, and the person who has collected the most testimonials from farmers and ranchers is MICHAEL WICHMAN of Atkinson, NE. Mike is a livestock mineral formulator and owner of Wick’s Livestock Nutrition. Mike says that he became a convert after listening to....." Read More -Will Winter, DVM