Remember the old saying “AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY”, well the apple cider vinegar is a concentrated form of the nutritional benefits of the apple. The ACV that we are talking about is raw and unfiltered unlike what you buy at the grocery store.

This product still has all the enzymes intact so we get much improved digestion, usually a 10% feed savings for a ruminant animal. The acetic acid in this product also aids in the digestion process and is a pure form of energy, so we usually see better production in the form of meat and or milk.

Another component of the ACV is malic acid which acts as a blood purifier and all the minerals are in a colloidal form so they are readily available. This combination of nutrients is where we see all the health benefits from feeding the ACV. We feed this to dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, pigs, horses, cattle, goats and sheep. We sell the ACV in 55 gallon drums and also 275 gallon totes.

With the drought that much of the U.S. has experienced this past year, feed quality and quantity is a big concern for many producers, and the APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is really coming through for many of my customers. With the improvement in the digestive process people are seeing 10% or more feed savings. The people who are winter grazing standing forage as low as 4% protein and feeding the ACV along with the proper vitamin/mineral premix are reporting their cows are staying in excellent body condition with a slick and shiny hair coat.

We have also gotten a report on pigs weaning weights going up by 20% when the ACV was included in the sows lactation ration at the rate of 4 gallons per ton, the next step will be to see the results of the next batch of pigs coming from these sows.

There are just SO many benefits that we see coming from feeding the ACV to all the different species of livestock that it's hard to get all of the information in this article.

For more information you can contact Mike at Wick's Livestock Nutrition, LLC at 402-340-3811.

Apple Cider Vinegar