Full-time livestock consultant Mike Wichman, of Atkinson, NE, is the founder and owner of Wick’s Livestock Nutrition.  Mike he has over 35 years of experience as a hands-on livestock nutritionist and mineral formulator. 

He is also a former dairyman himself and therefore knows about the necessity of raising healthy and profitable livestock. He’s not sitting in a remote laboratory or fancy office somewhere, but rather, his “office” is in his pickup truck as he goes from farm to farm, making sure that the needs of the livestock producers are met and that all his products are working as promised. Even though the majority of his formulations have been in place and working well for decades, he continually tweaks, invents and improves recipes. For example, he is in the process of removing any ingredients made in China, he is replacing any GMO-sourced ingredient, as well as adding newly-discovered synergists, activators or ingredients in order to make the products work optimally.

If you have a unique problem or deficiency, he will design a mineral and vitamin program specific for you and your farm or ranch.

He stands behind his products in the “old-fashioned” tradition, meaning he always makes sure that they work for you, whether you are a novice livestock owner, or, a seasoned hand who is newly exploring the amazing benefits of advanced nutritional therapy. His philosophy is that if we dig deep enough, all disease can be traced back to nutritional deficiencies and that this is the place where all true herd health begins.

About Wick’s Livestock Nutrition

Vitamins And Minerals For Livestock

Wick's Livestock Nutrition, LLC is a private business specializing in minerals, vitamins, apple cider vinegar and other nutrients custom-designed to enable free-range and pastured livestock to be radiantly healthy and productive without antibiotics, drugs or wormers. Wick's is owned and operated by founder and formulator MICHAEL WICHMAN of Atkinson, Nebraska.

Mike is happy to offer direct farm delivery for all minerals and liquid apple cider vinegar. Contact us for the best shipping rates for destinations beyond the midwestern US. Wick's Livestock offers on-farm consulting, custom-blending of livestock mineral formulations, TMR premixes and other custom products tailored for the individual farm or ranch.

Apple Cider Vinegar may be ordered in 55 gallon barrels or 270 gallon totes. With all minerals, the best shipping rates can be attained by shipping by the pallet. All minerals are sealed in 50# plastic-lined bags.